Join us as we gather monthly for the drum circle to learn a bit about the medicine wheel...
And, if you are truly inspired, join us as we gather for a year during the
Shamanic Apprenticeship to steep ourselves deeply in the medicine…

EACH CIRCLE MEETS ONCE PER MONTH AND EACH BEGINS BY PLACING OUR ATTENTION ON OUR SPIRITUAL SOURCE.  Although I teach from a Native American foundation, we know there are many paths up the mountain.  All paths are welcomed and honored in the circles.  The experiential exercises follow the flow and feel of the seasons and the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life.

The Medicine Wheel, as visioned and taught by the late Sun Bear, a Chippewa elder, gives us a circle of knowledge that we can breathe into our hearts, our lives and our actions.  If we embrace the teachings of this circle, we will remember that we are connected to all that live on the Earth. We will remember that the minerals, plants and animals are our teachers. We will hear the stories that the wind can bring us. We will hear the wisdom of the rocks that have been here since the beginning of time. We will listen to the plant’s messages of health and vitality, and we will listen to the animals as they give us their gifts of love and their lessons of life.  The Medicine Wheel is a powerful circle that holds all of these teachings.  It provides us the space for a beautiful and life-transformative dance, every day, every season and every year of our lives.

SPRING SEASON – March, April, and May
Time of Day – Dawn to Noon
Time of Life – Young Ones

Qualities that we deepen within ourselves – Wisdom, Clarity, and Illumination
Element – Air
Animal Guardian – Eagle
Realm – Mental

In the Spring cycle everything on the Earth that has been resting and incubating bursts to life.  The plants and flowers proudly sprout forth and fragrances begin to fill the air. The birds and animals show us their young as they playfully enjoy the warming of the Earth and the nourishment of the emerging food. The insects sing the songs that Spirit has given them.  The wisdom of our natural world is clear.  With all the new life upon her, the Earth is illuminated.  As we witness this glory there is a pull in our souls to birth the ideas and projects we intuited and incubated in the dark of the Winter.  It is a time to amplify and illuminate our path and our magnificence.

SUMMER SEASON – June, July, and August
Time of Day – Noon to Sunset
Time of Life – Adolescent and Young Adult

Qualities that we deepen within ourselves – Growth, Trust, and Love
Element – Fire
Animal Guardian – Coyote
Realm – Emotional

In the Summer cycle the sun is at its highest and the little sprouts of Spring yearn to become glorious ripe blossoms. Every plant and creature on the Earth is reaching outward and rapidly growing in the things of the world.  The landscape is a kaleidoscope of color and abundance.  The promises of Spring are fulfilled as both our internal and external seeds mature. We begin to trust our purpose in life and allow it to naturally unfold.  While we revel in self-assurance and acceptance, our emotional world begins to strengthen and anything seems possible.  In the Summer we are filled with energy and a desire to playfully explore new visions and directions.  Our hearts open to the love of self and the love of the path that Creator has set before us.

FALL SEASON – September, October, and November
Time of Day – Sunset to Midnight
Time of Life – Middle Age

Qualities that we deepen within ourselves – Experience, Introspection, and Strength
Element – Water
Animal Guardian – Grizzly Bear
Realm – Spiritual

In the Fall we are suddenly much more aware of the sunset.  The abundance of the fall vegetables reflects the colors of rust, orange, and brown.  Plants have come to their full maturity and their blossoms are laden with seeds for the plants to come.  The bears who forage for berries and ripe nuts have full bellies and an excess of stored fat to provide strength for the time to come.  All of nature, including humans stop growing and begin to consolidate and take stock of the lessons learned during the growing season.  We begin to look within ourselves to determine what is strong enough to survive the time to come.  Our thoughts begin to turn from the external world to the world of Spirit.  We honor the experiences and visions that have strengthened our core and given us the courage to share with others what we have learned.

WINTER SEASON – December, January, and February
Time of Day – Midnight to Dawn
Time of Life – Baby and Elder

Qualities that we deepen within ourselves – Cleansing, Renewal, and Purity
Element – Earth
Animal Guardian – White Buffalo
Realm – Physical

When we enter the Winter cycle...a paradox...everything on the surface of the Earth appears barren and dead.  Many of the leaves and branches which lie above the surface fall to the ground. This letting go provides fertilizer for the growth that is to come in the Spring.  Beneath the surface the roots are quickening, gathering in the energy of what lies above.  Our personal cycles are much like what you see on the Earth.  We are getting ready to go within...into the dark.  We surrender what is no longer needed or no longer empowers us.  We dream, we meditate, we dance in the mystery, in order to energize and manifest what will burst forth in the light of Spring.