It’s not what you do that changes the world, it’s what you become
— Sandra Ingerman

People walking the earth today are on a tremendous spiritual quest.  We are following a path of awakening.  We are embracing unity, peace, and harmony for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the Earth Mother who supports us all.  Consciousness-transforming practices such as simple rhythmic drumming, meditation, chanting, sound healing, sacred dance, ceremony, and shamanic journey experiences can put us in touch with these energies.  Come… walk down the path with us... circle, generate and amplify your true and highest purpose. 

Come and experience:

  • An understanding of how these processes empower us, our families, our communities and the earth

  • The unity of a circle with a spiritual center, where trust is fostered

  • Shamanic Apprenticeships, Circles, Retreats, and Workshops — in my studio or yours

  • Private Shamanic Healing Sessions

We are so fortunate to be walking our journey consciously, increasing our vibration with each step on our path; doing the best that we can to stay connected to Spirit and reveling in the abundance of our lives.  Let me know how we can be together.

My spiritual mission is to sing, dance, drum, and play in the highest vibration of love with all beings.  In my humble opinion, as we open our hearts in gratitude and a belief in the oneness of all, we create an opening for Spirit to flow through us.  In that space, boundless creation is possible.  It is a lifelong dance.


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About Cyndy “Snake Dancer” Paige

I received the name “Snake Dancer” from Spirit during a profound vision quest experience. Snake is often seen as a healer and teacher in both Native American and western medicine traditions.  I am of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage and have been a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society for many years.

Much of the inspiration for my decision to surrender the flow of my teachings to the Medicine Wheel came from the life work of the late Sun Bear; my several decade initiatory-type apprenticeship with Grandmother Pathweaver, a Cherokee medicine woman, who has dedicated her life to igniting spiritual awareness in those she teaches; and a life-changing vision I had while working with Carol Proudfoot Edgar, a Lakota shaman.  I honor my longtime teacher, healer and master drummer, Ed “Two Moons” Rothwell, who taught me to use the drum to shift consciousness.  I had the privilege of completing intensive sound healing training with Jonathan Goldman, an internationally recognized sound healer.  The gift of the Soul Retrieval Ceremony was entrusted to me by my friend and colleague, the late Veronica Lamb, one of Sandra Ingerman’s “chosen teachers” on the east coast.  I have completed teacher training in the process of past life regression with Dr. Brien Weiss. My heart flows with love, honor, and respect for my “earth plane teachers” as well as all the energy and beings that guide and teach us from other realms.

For many years, I assisted Grandmother Pathweaver with powerful vision quest experiences that provide an opportunity for the natural world to guide us in our personal transformation.  I now lead these experiences for others. I facilitate one-year and two-year shamanic apprenticeships, retreats which honor the turn of the seasons, retreats and workshops to help folks create their own ceremonial tools, and numerous other workshops and circles. Last, but not least, I have a rich and fulfilling private healing practice.