Single Session

A single session with me generally lasts 1 hour of Shamanic Healing with a half hour beforehand discussing and getting clear on our intentions. $225 / 90 Minutes

Extended Session

Some sessions require a little longer to execute the Shamanic Healing required for the occasion, or we dive a little deeper in our work together. $350 / 2-3 Hours

A combination of sessions might be the perfect way to dive deep into healing or transition, or you may want to follow up with the same session every few weeks. If purchased ahead of time, save money with a 3-Pack of sessions, to be used within six months. $600 / 3-Pack of Sessions

3-Pack of Sessions

Monthly Sessions

What a wonderful way to self-care and stay connected with your true soul than with a monthly Shamanic Healing session. This can be the same session each month, or any combo of sessions to fit exactly what you need at that time. Save big with a monthly commitment to work together through the year. $2,100 / 12-Pack of Sessions

Full Immersion

If you are feeling called to dedicate this year to a full transformation, I offer a Full Immersion package that includes monthly Shamanic Healing session of your choice, plus participation in 4 workshops of your choice. We can customize your experience to assure a journey of healing and transformation as needed. I look forward to walking this path with you. $3,500 / 12-Pack of Sessions + 4 Workshops

Vision Quest

With this visionary experience, you spend 1-4 days alone in a dedicated sacred spot in nature, while I offer prayer and ceremony four times throughout each day. Pricing ranges depending on length of stay. $350 - $600 Range / 1-3 Day Vision Quest


Are you feeling called to begin your own journey of Shamanic Healing? My one-year committed circle is a series of seasonal solstice and equinox retreats, along with eight monthly days of experiences that foster a process of connection and personal empowerment. Click for the full information about “A Shamanic Dance Around the Medicine Wheel” and see if this feels like your time. $1,800 / A One-Year Committed Circle

Retreats, Workshops & Circles

Our retreats, workshops and circles vary in price. For a full list of upcoming dates and pricing, visit our Schedule page.